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Career Japan Forum Registration Terms and Conditions

If you wish to register, you are required to provide your consent with the terms and conditions below (hereafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”) to the secretariat of the Career Japan Forum and DISCO Inc. (“DISCO”) which manages this event page.

Section 1. Career Japan Forum

Career Japan Forum is a job fair organized by DISCO.

Section 2. Career Japan Forum WEB Member

Career Japan Forum WEB member (the ”Member”) refers to a person who applies to DISCO for membership registration from event registration website of Career Japan Forum (”the Website”) and whose application is accepted by DISCO.

Section 3. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

The Member shall be deemed to have accepted all provisions of the Terms and Conditions at the time of registration.

Section 4. Changing Registration Information and Canceling the Membership

The Member may change, add or delete his/her registration information at any time at his/her discretion, but shall be responsible for his/her own registration information. The Member may cancel his/her membership at any time during the term of service. To cancel his/her membership, the Member should send a request via e-mail to the Contact specified at the end of this webpage.

Section 5. Prohibited Acts by the Member

  1. Registering false information.
  2. Copying, distributing, publishing, or otherwise using information obtained from DISCO outside the scope of personal use.
  3. Providing information for profit.
  4. Infringing on intellectual property rights of DISCO, another Member or a third party.
  5. Infringing on properties or privacy of DISCO, another Member or a third party; or criminal acts or acts contrary to public order and morality.
  6. Acts that hinder or may hinder the administration of the Website, or acts that tarnish or may tarnish DISCO’s credibility.
  7. Forwarding e-mail newsletters distributed by DISCO to an address other than the Member’s own address.
  8. Illegal activities and other acts that DISCO determines to be inappropriate.

Section 6. Cancellation of Member Registration

When DISCO determines that the Member is in violation of the Terms and Conditions, DISCO may, without giving a prior notice to the Member, stop the provision of services to the Member or cancel the Member’s registration.

Section 7. Personal Information

  1. Definition of Personal Information “Personal Information” is defined as information regarding the individual Member which can be used to identify the person including but not limited to the full name, address, phone number, e-mail address, the name of the school in Japan or abroad in which the Member is enrolled, etc. (It also includes information that in itself is insufficient to identify the person but can be easily cross-referenced with other information that can identify the person.)

  2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information Personal information is used for member authentication, providing personal information to companies participating in the Career Japan Forum, sending information about other services offered by DISCO and various job-related information published by DISCO, distributing direct mail from companies which are hiring or offering internships (including electronic direct mail; personal information will not be provided to these companies), providing notification of seminars by phone, providing information and advertisements of products which may be useful for job seekers, requesting the Member to participate in various job-related surveys, and creating statistical data in formats that cannot identify individuals, among others.

  3. Personal Information Management Manager Registered personal information will be managed responsibly by the following person:
    DISCO Inc.
    Iidabashi First Building 9F, 2-5-1 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 112-0004
    Tomoshi Tatsumoto, Chief Privacy Officer
    For DISCO’s handling of personal information, please see the URL below:

  4. Shared use of personal information Registered information will be used jointly by DISCO and DISCO International, Inc., a subsidiary of DISCO.

    • Personal information items to be jointly used:

      • Full name
      • address
      • phone number
      • e-mail address
      • the name of school in which the Member is enrolled or from which the Member graduated
      • etc.
    • Joint users: DISCO Inc. and DISCO International, Inc.

    • Purpose of use by the joint users: Within the scope of purpose of use described in this Section.

    • Person responsible for managing the personal information to be used jointly: Tomoshi Tatsumoto, Chief Privacy Officer, DISCO Inc.

    • Method of acquisition: Obtained through the online registration to the Career Japan Forum 2016.

  5. Provision of Personal Information to Companies Participating in the Career Japan Forum Based on the Use of the Website (Membership Application) Based on the Member’s use of the Website (membership application), the Member’s personal Information will be provided to companies participating in the Career Japan Forum. Personal information provided to the participating companies will be managed by each company for purposes such as contacting the Member for post-application internships and during the selection process in its recruiting activities, etc. For the handling of personal information managed by participating companies, inquiries should be directed to each company. Participating companies are prohibited from using the personal information obtained through the use of the Website for purposes not related to internships or recruiting activities. Participating companies are prohibited from using such information for other purposes unless they have obtained the Member's consent. When the Member applies to a position in a company through the Website, the following information registered as member information will be provided to the company as applicant data:

    • Personal information items to be provided to the company:

      • Full name (Japanese and English)
      • Current address
      • Phone number of the current address
      • Mobile phone number
      • E-mail address
      • Countries in which the person is allowed to work and the types of working visas
      • Japanese proficiency level
      • Other languages
      • Proficiency levels of other languages
      • Free field (skills, extracurricular activities, qualifications, commendations, self promotion, why you are applying for the position, etc.)
      • Country in which the university is located
      • Name of the university
      • Category of the major
      • Major
      • Official name of the major
      • Year and month of (planned) graduation
      • Obtained (planned) degree
      • Details (what you learned at the university, extracurricular activities, commendations received, and other details of your student life)
      • Number of years of work experience
      • (Items below are all information regarding your work experience)
      • Company name
      • Category of industry
      • Description of the company’s business
      • Position/title
      • Length of employment
      • Employment status
      • Job category
      • Career level
      • Job details
  6. Consequences of Not Disclosing Personal Information Registration and entry of personal information are optional, but if you do not enter items required for the services intended for the WEB Members, you may not receive some services.

  7. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties We may outsource the processing and administration of personal information to a third party. Other than that, and with the exception of the cases described in Subsection (4) of this Section, we will not, in principle, disclose registered personal information to any third party without obtaining the Member’s consent. However, under the following circumstances, we may disclose the registration information without the Member’s consent to the extent that is allowed by the relevant laws and regulations.

    • (1) When disclosure is based on laws or regulations.
    • (2) When disclosure is necessary to protect a person’s life, body or property and it is difficult to obtain the Member’s consent.
    • (3) When disclosure is necessary to improve public health or to promote the sound development of children and it is difficult to obtain the Member’s consent.
    • (4) When we are required to cooperate with a national government agency, a local government or a person commissioned by such agency or government in performing their legally mandated duties, and obtaining the Member’s consent may hinder the performance of such duties.
  8. Scope of Third Parties Under the following circumstances, a person who receives the personal information shall not be considered as a third party in the context of application of the provisions of this Section.

    • (1) When DISCO outsources all or a part of administration of personal information to an extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
    • (2) When personal information is transferred as a result of business succession due to DISCO’s merger or other reasons.
  9. Indemnity Under the following circumstances, DISCO shall not be held responsible or liable in any way for a third party’s acquisition of personal information.

    • (1) When the Member him/herself discloses the personal information to a specific company using the functions of the Website or through other means.
    • (2) When the Member is personally identified in an unforeseeable manner by registered information other than the personally identifiable information.
  10. Statistics DISCO may create statistical data in formats that cannot identify individuals based on provided personal information, and may use such data without any restrictions.

  11. Cookies When you use the Website, data called Cookies may be sent to your computer which will be stored in your computer’s hard disk or memory. They are used for the purpose of providing better services in the future, including the planned member services, high-value added services and advertise management systems, and do not infringe on your privacy or damage your usage environment.

  12. The Member’s Rights to His/Her Personal Information When the Member wishes to request a disclosure of personal information or a notification of the purpose of use, or to correct, add or delete such information, or to deny the use or provision of such information, he or she should communicate with the Contact specified at the end of this webpage.

Section 8. Message Services

The Member accepts and approves that DISCO may deliver to the Member messages from companies and schools, and direct mail regarding recruitment.

Section 9. DISCO’s Responsibilities and Liabilities

DISCO shall not be held responsible or liable for any damages (any disadvantages including mental distress, discontinuation of job hunting, or other financial losses) arising out of the membership registration to or the use of the Career Japan Forum, or an act of information provision by a third party, unless such damages are caused by DISCO’s willful misconduct or gross negligence. If e-mail newsletters or other materials are illegible due to character corruption or other reasons, DISCO is not responsible for re-distributing them.

Section 10. Force Majeure

DISCO shall not be held responsible or liable for any damages or losses caused by computer viruses which cannot be prevented by normally expected antivirus measures, acts of god, or any other event which is beyond DISCO’s control. DISCO does not warrant that data will not be deleted or changed due to such force majeure events, and the Member shall store such data on his/her own responsibility.

Section 11. Responsibility to Third Parties

If the Member caused any damages to a third party due to his/her registration to or use of the Career Japan Forum, the Member shall be responsible and liable for resolving the issue and DISCO shall not be held responsible or liable in any way.

Section 12. Compensation for Damages

When the Member violates the Terms and Conditions and causes damages to DISCO, the Member shall be liable and shall compensate DISCO for any direct or indirect damages.

Section 13. Assignment

DISCO may, with a prior notice provided on the Website, have a third party inherit its status herein and assign the rights and/or obligations hereunder to a third party without obtaining a specific approval from the Member.

Section 14. Modification of Member Services

  1. The Member acknowledges and accepts that DISCO may modify or temporarily suspend its member services without providing a prior notice to the Member.
  2. DISCO may, with a one-month prior notice to the Member, suspend for a long period of time or terminate the entirety of the member services.

Section 15. Modification of the Terms and Conditions

DISCO may modify the Terms and Conditions at any time. After the proposed changes to the Terms and Conditions have been displayed on the Website for a period of one month, the changes shall be deemed to have been accepted by all Members.

Section 16. Jurisdiction

The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan. With regard to any dispute regarding or arising out of the Terms and Conditions, it is agreed that the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court (for claims not exceeding 1,400,000 yen) shall be the court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction.

The Terms and Conditions shall be effective as of December 1, 2016.

[Caution regarding the registration of your e-mail address]

If you register an incorrect e-mail address, our e-mail newsletter may be sent to a third party. Please make sure to register your address correctly. Under any circumstance, do not register an e-mail address of a third party intentionally because you may be prosecuted for such an act.


This page has been translated from the official Japanese language version into English solely for the convenience of international readers. The Japanese original text shall prevail in case of any discrepancy.


Career Japan Forum Secretariat
Iidabashi First Building 9F, 2-5-1 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 112-0004
Weekdays, 10:00 to 17:30